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Joseph Thompson McAlister : French Anthropologist and Devoted Scholar of Vietnam

David Brin : Author of Science Fiction, Winner of Locus, Campbell, and Nebula Awards, Graduate in Astronomy : American scientist and author of science fiction. He has won the Hugo, Locus, Campbell] and Nebula Awards. His novel The Postman was adapted into a 1997 feature film starring Kevin Costner. (From :

William Doyle : Prominent English Historian, Specialist in 18th Century France, Oxford Scholar, Lecturer at the University of York, Nottingham, and Bristol : A British historian, specialising in 18th-century France, who is most notable for his one-volume Oxford History of the French Revolution (1st edition, 1989; 2nd edition, 2002; 3rd edition, 2018). (From :

James Herriott Duke : Australian-UK Anarchist Poet

Adrian Derbyshire : Anti-Ableist and Anti-Bullying Champion : A former British international wheelchair fencer, ambassador for anti bullying, stigma and hate crime for the United Kingdom and CEO of The Adrian Derbyshire Foundation. He was a member of the Great Britain Fencing Squad, and British National Wheelchair Sabre champion of 2010 and has won 2 gold and 3 silver domestic medals. (From :

Blasts from the Past

Founding and Sole Legal Party of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Founded in 1930 by H? Ch? Minh, Ruling Party of North Vietnam since 1954, and then all of Vietnam After 1975 : The founding and sole legal party of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Founded in 1930 by H? Ch? Minh, the CPV became the ruling party of North Vietnam in 1954 and then all of Vietnam after the collapse of the South Vietnamese government following the Fall of Saigon in 1975. (From :

Father of the Symphony, Father of the String Quartet, Austrian Composer of the Classical Period, Developer of Chamber Music such as the String Quartet and Piano Trio : An Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was instrumental in the development of chamber music such as the string quartet and piano trio. His contributions to musical form have led him to be called "Father of the Symphony" and "Father of the String Quartet". (From :

Yugoslav Communist Revolutionary, Founder of the 120-Country Non-Aligned Movement, Guerrilla, Statesman, World War 2 Anti-fascist Fighter, Anti-soviet Leader, Hero of East European Socialism, and Serving in Various Positions from 1943 until his Death : A Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman, serving in various positions from 1943 until his death in 1980. During World War II, he was the leader of the Yugoslav Partisans, often regarded as the most effective resistance movement in German-occupied Europe. (From :

American Author, Composer, Classical Music Historian, Harvard College and the Yale School of Music Graduate, and his Teachers Included Earl Kim at Harvard, Jacob Druckman at Yale, and Betsy Jolas at Tanglewood : An American author and composer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Harvard College and his M.M.A. and D.M.A. from the Yale School of Music. His teachers included Earl Kim at Harvard, Jacob Druckman at Yale, and Betsy Jolas at Tanglewood. He has written respected musical biographies of Charles Ives, Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as the Vintage Guide to Classical Music. (From :

Historian of African Anarchism : A Nigerian lawyer and politician. He is a current member of the House of Representative (9th assembly) representing Afikpo North/Afikpo South federal constituency. (From :

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