Anton Pannekoek : Dutch Astronomer, Philosopher, Marxist Theorist, and Socialist Revolutionary

January 2, 1873 — April 28, 1960

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Quotes by Anton Pannekoek
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A Dutch astronomer, philosopher, Marxist theorist, and socialist revolutionary. He was one of the main theorists of council communism (Dutch: radencommunisme). Pannekoek studied mathematics and physics in Leiden from 1891. Even before he went to college he was interested in astronomy and studied the Milky Way and variability of Polaris. He published his first article, On the Necessity of Further Researches on the Milky Way, as a student.

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Quotes by Anton Pannekoek

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Writings by Anton Pannekoek

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January 2, 1873
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April 28, 1960
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